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About Christian Behr

I got the whole world - in my hands :)

Christian Behr - Experience

Skinny Bitch Swimwear is taking off. We've got several of our designs already being shot in editorials along with designers such as Chanel. It's going to be a wild ride.

We are now accepting very few tfcd's. Deal is this: You must be willing to sign a full release giving me commercial rights. We're not interested in shooting just anyone - we're only interested in thin fashion type bodies. Those selected will have custom swimsuits created specifically for their body... looks like ink on.

For those unwilling or just not right for us, please read on...

I love long walks on a moonlit beach... dragging the remains of those who randomly request free photoshoots in a plastic bag.

Currently, I'm shooting editorials, tests, and some commercial work. I almost always book commercial and editorials through agents. If you want to test with me - please be cool enough to just ask about rates... rather than dazzle me with webcam pics and tell me how perfect you'd be for the job.

If you actually are a very hot and established model or actor - agency developed, world travelled, willing to do what's needed to get the shot, then drop me a " Yo what's up?" email.

I have a lovely girlfriend. She's a model and photographer. She's hot and really skinny - kinda like an attractive string bean - well, if string beans were.... oh you get the point. So there's no alterior motives.

Interested in:

Portrait, Landscape, Commercial, Art, Journalism, Other, Architecture, Boudoir, Figure Study


Infrared, Digital, Alternative, Other, Photography

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