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Brooke Lynne

Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

Brooke Lynne

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About Brooke Lynne

My Intentions & Philosophy on Fine Art Nude Modeling

Ill go ahead and admit my fanciful secret: I would love to lead a bohemian, nomadic life, traveling the earth and giving my heart and energy to the creation of evocative, stimulating art that inspires others to feel, think, see or otherwise have an experience they�ve never have before. While the artisan vagabond lifestyle is quite impractical and hazardous, I passionately aim to move the viewer in a silent but influential way.
Yeah, I hear ya... that lifestyle is pretty impractical and naive, buuuut... I think the ideal behind it is a great thing to strive for. smile

If you are considering working with me, note this: I do aim to move the viewer in every artistic endeavor I participate in, and in no way is my fine art modeling excluded. It's a very meaningful, creative outlet of expression I have in my life. This is my passion, and in no way will I sacrifice the quality of either an image or a shoot because of personal conflicts, or whatever the case might be. My priority is to collaborate to create impeccable art that will outlast my great-great-great-great grandchildren (and hopefully beyond).

What can you expect of me?

I work very hard at what I do and I am very passionate about it, and I continually strive to be better at each shoot. My heart is in this to make awesome art, to collaborate with other passionate artists creating pieces that tell stories, and images that make you lean in closer so you can try to interpret what the hell is going on. Besides those points, all the other drama in this industry can be left aside... I'm not really interested.

My skin isnt perfect, and my hair is whispy. I have an even and smooth olive complexion. I keep my stats up to date.

I prefer to communicate and discuss shoots via PM or email. This allows me to keep record of our conversations and reduces the incidence of me forgetting vital information for the shoot, as I frequently have the memory of a goldfish. I'm more than happy to discuss and confirm shoots over the phone, but be patient with me if I PM you to ask what was discussed.

Brooke Lynne - Experience

Please contact me for a list of my references.

Interested in:

Art, Print, Headshot, Nude, Glamour


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