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Plaza Productions LLC

Denver, Colorado
United States

About Plaza Productions LLC

A few random facts about Karen ...

Karen waited patiently for the school bus in the 70ís, worked on getting top grades in art and sewing. Always interested in fashion, photography and modeling.

I went to College in the early 80ís when the Brits helped kick butt in some god forsaken war, which had nothing to do with the British. And missed a few bomb attacks in downtown London. Worked part-time as a commercial model, went to school for make-up artistry and photography. At he early age of 21 I became a partner in PALS promotional agency focusing on the Fashion Division. Traveled to Paris with the models to hit the catwalks in Paris fashion week. Organized shows, booked models and grew out of British scene.

In the 90ís; I found the USA working for one talent agency in southern Cali then accepting the directorship for Piazza Talent Agency in San Diego once up and running and successful I lost myself in the Florida sun building a name for herself as a pretty hard hitting agency director for Beverley Hills Talent and revamped my dot com xposureOMM which is running wild in Denver in 2000ís.

I prefer a light beer to vodka martini and fish & chips to Mexican food.

Now in Denver, misses the Florida fashion scene, sun and attitude. In 2007 I started the photography meetup group to help local models make some money in the modeling scene. In 2008 along came Fashion Models Magazine which I started with Carl Snider. Seven months later and a new year promises to be bright for everyone involved. I embarked on Blush Magazine Online, opening my umbrella company Plaza Productions LLC and also my Designer Swimsuit.

All in all; 28 years in the modeling industry means I have a wealth of International Knowledge which I am happy to share.

Plaza Productions LLC - Experience

Plaza Productions LLC
Is an umbrella company representing photographers, models, art designers, magazines.

We have models for hire...

We create and design media publications, fliers, advertising campaigns, branding...

Represent Colorado photographers & videograpers for print advertising, catalogs, event photography, produce TV commercials and independent films projects...

Coordinate fashion shows, modeling expos, castings, meetup workshops and more...

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Wedding, Portrait, Commercial, Art, Sports, Other, Boudoir, Figure Study


Digital, Video, Photography

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