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Bebe S Bellamont ~ The Bebe Doll

Falls Church, Virginia
United States

About Bebe S Bellamont ~ The Bebe Doll

Interested in shooting with all kinds of people, places and things. I will do paid nude/fetish shoots. Fashion, Artistic, Glamor, etc is wonderful! I have a full time office job as a Designer/Engineer. Love modeling, acting. In some cases I will do TFP. I also am a great graphic designer and will do paid work for touch ups on photos. On some shoots I will bring an escort with me to insure my safety if I have not shot with someone before and always on bondage or BDSM shoots. Sometime I also am known to take a picture or two:P

Bebe S. Bellamont was unleashed on an unsuspecting world in June of the mid-80s, in the state of South Carolina.Ý Showing an aptitude for art and design from the age of 5, Ms. Bellamont made good use of her unquenchable thirst for knowledge and success: At the age of 13, she had a strong working knowledge of computer graphic design and had already begun to work as a model. By that point, she had already formulated her plans for success and continued growth as a business woman, artist, and human being. Attending George Mason University to hone her skills in graphic design as well as acting, Ms. Bellamont also traveled to Denmark, Germany and England to learn more of the world and to obtain a greater knowledge of universal art, business, and promotional trends. Her life experiences have kindled a passion for fine foods and dining, painting, sculpting, reading, music, dancing, animals, sports and movies that has only grown.

From the year 2004 to present, Ms. Bellamont has expanded her modeling resume' to include work with such noted professionals as Low Tek, Larry Bradby and Ian Graham; for all photography work, Ms. Bellamont continues to do her own makeup and hair. During this same period, she sharpened her expertise for the promotional side of business; doing successful work for clients both diverse and distinguished: Alchemy, Entre Nous, DeSade, Marlboro and Trojan, to name just a few. She is also an in-demand host and presence for clubs and conventions, such as Goth Prom, Unspeakable, Tronik, Naughty or Nice, Horrorfind, Exposure, and SPANCK.

Within the past year, the list of accomplishments and growing successes has been amended with acting, artistic and production work: Ms. Bellamont developed the original concept of the live-action online graphic novel "Danger! Danger!" In addition, she functions as the director, producer, promoter, one of the stars and the script supervisor. In 2008 the comic ended. Original paintings have been sold for as much as $1500. Bringing her impressive accomplishments into film and tv production, Ms. Bellamont joined forces with the Virginia-based independent film company Darkstone Entertainment. In the short time she has been working with Darkstone, she has raised the bar on quality, content, appearance and visibility, helping the small company to expand their influence and demand:For 2008, Darkstone Entertainment is producing a second sequel in their successful "Skeleton Key" series of films, developing their first television series for wide-market distribution ("Knight Stalkers"), and has recently been given the green light to remark Ed Wood's cult film "Plan 9 From Outer Space." With all of this work, Ms. Bellamont continues to lucratively work and develop her career as a model, graphic designer, painter, acting and promoting.

Bebe S Bellamont ~ The Bebe Doll - Experience

Julie Simone
Kazmere Photography
Low Tek
Charles Jay Pilzer
Sly Horse Studios
Dom Correa
Ian Graham
Billy M
Washington School of Photography
Micheal Bann
Andy Smrz
Danny Boes
Angel Morales,
Roberto C. Madruga
Hugh McGee
Tony Tribby
Larry Bradby
Todd Pierce
XPI / Ash
John Holmes
Side Show Bob
Dan Gluckman
Tromette Paranoia ,
Actress, Publicist ,
Actress ,
Model for and owner , ,
Jewelry modeling for
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Model for Northern Virginia Community College

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I do have my own set of modeling lights, backdrop and many other lighting studio regular. You may rent them.

Events with AKA Bodyart. I will be assisting them.

October 3rd 2008
Lotus Lounge, DC

October 4th 2008
Slyhorse Meet and Greet, Rockville, DC

October 12th, 2008
Capitol Panishment, hosted by our own - Nicotine!
LATEX and temporary tattoos! Painting for guests!!!

January 2009
Our CALENDAR is getting published!
We are collaborating with team ruthless on our first REVOLUTIONARY body painting calendar! Do not miss it!

Interested in:

Art, Print, Runway, Commercial, Headshot, Video, Swimwear, Lingerie, Nude, Erotic, Other


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