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Toronto, Ontario
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POSITIONING STATEMENT: AD is a professional model/actor and described as classy, sexy, moody, raw, romantic, masculine and edgy. His interests range from music,arts,movies,extreme sports to organic cuisine and charity work. Charismatic and snazzy in style & attitude, AD is a poeple person with higher energy exceeding client expectations in quality and service. *******Modeling BIO: ****recently modeled/acted on a commercial for John Howard PSA tv commercial Oct,2009 to be aired on major Canadian tv chanels. ****modeled for Calvin Klein (steel)& CK underwear 25th anniversary. Became one of the top 25 finalists for "steel" underwear. ****Sports modeling "The World of Recreation and Fitness Leadership" 2007/2008/2009. ***Spokes model for some of the big companies and products at major trade shows and events in toronto,2009 ***SNAP magazine March issue, 2009 Among other experiences, auditioning for Lamborghini car ad. ****runway (former toronto fashion week :L'oreal fashion show). ***HK fur co, John Deere brand ambassador. ***Hall of Fame & EDITORS choice award @The library and the society of international photography. ************************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************************ For details & ZED card,pls contact me: email: ************************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************************ ************************************************* ********************************************* **************************************************************************************

AD fall '09 comp card
H K fur co
lamborghini ad competi...
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